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Workshops to focus on fishing angle and fishing techniques are available as well.

Green hits back at tarverd.

Spencer and Tarverd arrive back at the hotel from the airport.

Evan tells them to tell his dad that he's leaving tomorrow.

Evan and Toby talk on the walk to the meeting. They agree that he can find out what happens if he is too slow with this plan.

Toby suggests that they come up with some alternative plan to keep Evan and Spencer from getting caught.

Toby and Evan talk about a car with three doors.

Evan tells him that he can't trust people who tell lies like he did. Spencer tries to help but is unable to pull his brother into the plan.

They go to the car to talk to Evan's dad. The car comes back with three doors. The father points at the keys and Evan locks them.

Evan, Spencer, and Toby are all still convinced that they will be caught. They begin to think that the idea of being caught is a good idea. However, Toby and Evan realize they have been told the same thing by people that told them there was no way to get away. The father looks worried about how they came to that conclusion.

Hedwig leaves to have her baby and Toby stops at her car. She asks if she could go with him but he only has time to tell her one thing.

Hedwig arrives back at Evan's apartment. He asks where he can keep the car and that he can use the money for the kids' college. He brings back the money and leaves, telling him they are on their way there.

Hedwig meets up with the kids, while she has a baby. The baby, Max, is sleeping and seems to be just about to get started. She tells Max to help her take on a task.

Max helps Hedwig and helps her take on a task.

The mother watches the baby start to get into action and has Max help her take it on.

Max works her way through a group of children. She meets two of their teachers.

When she has to be reminded of something, Max looks them in the eye.

They make their way to the room with the door and the children tell her something and they let her in. They also tell her that there is nothing they know that she wouldn't find out just by looking. She sees something and tries to open the door to it, but it doesn't open.

The children are excited by Max's discovery of something, but she only wants to know more and asks them to hold up their hands.

Max, looking back, gives Max her own hand, but the door to the room shuts and she is able t

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